GemSafe® Offers Affordable Jewelry Coverage for Today’s Generation

GemSafe® Offers Affordable Jewelry Coverage for Today's Generation

WOODBURY, October 25, 2016 — You’re finally ready to take the next big step — proposing to the one you love. You shop around and find the perfect engagement ring. Everything is wonderful…and then you realize this will be the biggest purchase of your life to date. Since you don’t own a home and carry homeowners’ insurance, is there a way to protect your investment without having to purchase costly insurance for one item?

“Until recently, the answer was no,” explains David Sterling, president of SterlingRisk, one of the nation’s top 40 independently owned insurance brokerages. “Most insurance plans were not structured to offer affordable coverage for a single piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring or expensive watch. Young people typically did without the insurance and hoped for the best. But that’s changed now, thanks to GemSafe.”

Sterling, whose company developed GemSafe, points to the fact that millennials — people who are in young adulthood — have now surpassed baby-boomers in the population and have different needs than their parents’ generation.

“Many young people live a more urban lifestyle and don’t carry homeowners’ insurance,” he explains. “That’s where GemSafe comes in. It provides affordable, comprehensive jewelry coverage while offering the peace of mind associated with homeowners’ insurance. You contain costs by purchasing only the coverage you need for your valuable piece of jewelry.”

GemSafe is available in all 50 states and automatically covers valuables wherever you take them, anywhere in the world. It also allows policyholders to repair or replace their lost or damaged jewelry through their own jeweler, who they know and trust.

“GemSafe has some of the broadest coverage in the industry,” Sterling adds. “If values change after you insure with GemSafe, you’re protected up to 25 percent more than is stated in your policy.”

GemSafe is even an option for someone who already carries homeowners’ insurance. “Once your jewelry is covered by GemSafe you can remove it from your homeowner’s policy,” explains Sterling. “That means you no longer have to worry about higher premiums, non-renewals, or even cancellation if your jewelry is lost or stolen. In every respect, GemSafe is there for you. It’s a policy that gives you the choices and flexibility to suit your lifestyle.”


GemSafe insurance policies are administered by SterlingRisk Insurance. Founded in 1932, SterlingRisk is headquartered in Woodbury, New York, with offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Utah and California. SterlingRisk services regional, national and international clients and specializes in multiple areas, including property and casualty insurance, aviation, employee benefits consulting, risk management, loss control, claims management, estate planning, and business succession planning.

More information on GemSafe is available by visiting or by calling 888-558-6050.