Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Get GemSafe®!

Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Get GemSafe®! - GemSafe® Jewelry Insurance Blog

A recent American Express survey revealed that 14 million Americans plan or expect a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. That translates to a lot of engagement rings! Since most of these people are probably getting engaged for the first time, it’s safe to assume they are younger couples without homeowners’ policies or other insurance that covers jewelry.

Opting not to insure a new engagement ring can be a costly gamble, however. According to a 2016 MarketWatch article, spending on engagement rings is higher than ever, with men now shelling out an average $5,978 per ring, up from $5,095. Unfortunately, most jewelry insurance is also on the rise. Which begs the question: Is it possible to purchase jewelry insurance this Valentine’s Day and still have money left over for roses? Thanks to GemSafe, the answer is yes!

Developed by SterlingRisk, GemSafe is the affordable insurance solution. It offers comprehensive jewelry coverage that starts as soon as you make your jewelry purchase. Just go to, upload a photo of your engagement ring and a photo of your receipt, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes.

Here’s how GemSafe lets you save on jewelry insurance. You keep costs down with GemSafe by purchasing only the coverage you need for your engagement ring. If you have other valuable jewelry, just add it to your policy. GemSafe also provides a discount off your premium if you return to your jeweler once a year for a free examination of your jewelry. And regardless of where you travel on your honeymoon or in the years to come, GemSafe provides you with worldwide coverage.

This Valentine’s Day, worry about picking the right spot to pop the question — not whether you’ve picked the right jewelry insurance. That’s an easy call with GemSafe, the affordable, comprehensive coverage that offers convenient service and peace of mind.

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