Keep it Simple — and Affordable — with GemSafe®

Keep it Simple — and Affordable — with GemSafe® - GemSafe® Jewelry Insurance Blog

If you’re like most people, simple is better. Maybe that’s why texting is so popular. Why say it in a paragraph when we can just send a smiley face? Faced with tasks that aren’t so simple — like doing our taxes or assembling furniture that arrives in four boxes — we tend to panic.

Until recently, buying jewelry insurance was met with the same trepidation, but not anymore thanks to GemSafe, the affordable, simple jewelry insurance. We’ve simplified the whole process, including these concise answers to the Top 5 questions we hear most often:

1. Can I be certain my engagement ring is fully covered by my homeowner’s or renter’s policy?
No. Residential policies are not designed to protect jewelry or collectibles to their full replacement values. GemSafe is.

2. If I have a claim with GemSafe, will my homeowner’s insurance go up at time of renewal?
No. GemSafe is a standalone policy, completely separate from your homeowner’s policy.

3. Is my jewelry covered even if it’s lost while I’m traveling away from home?
Yes. Whether it’s lost, stolen, or damaged, GemSafe covers your jewelry around the world.

4. If I have a question or a claim, can I speak to a real person?
Yes. Unlike jewelry insurance that is only offered online or through an app, GemSafe provides great service through knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience.

5. If I don’t have any insurance currently, can I still buy a jewelry policy from you?
Yes, many of our insureds are just starting out in life and do not have homeowners insurance. We are here to protect you from life’s unexpected accidents, weather related incidents, and theft.

What’s the simplest thing about GemSafe insurance? Getting started! Just go to, upload a photo of your jewelry and a photo of your receipt, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most satisfying. For more information on some “simply” wonderful jewelry insurance, call 888-558-6050 or visit