Lost or Damaged Jewelry? You’re Covered With GemSafe®!

Lost or Damaged Jewelry? You’re Covered With GemSafe®!

One of the most common questions involving an engagement ring — other than “Will you marry me?” — is “Does my homeowner’s policy cover it?” The short answer is that homeowner’s insurance typically provides very limited coverage for jewelry.

Another popular insurance question concerns the loss of gemstones from a piece of jewelry, as in “I just discovered a ruby is missing from my antique wedding ring! Am I covered?” Unfortunately, most homeowner’s policies do NOT cover gems that go missing. In short, you’re out of luck if your ring suddenly sports a cavity instead of a marquise-cut sapphire.

Which explains why GemSafe is so popular. Developed by SterlingRisk, one of the nation’s top independent insurance brokerages, GemSafe is affordable jewelry insurance that covers lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry and gemstones — automatically. Wherever you take (or lose) your jewelry, anywhere in the world, GemSafe is there for you.

And the best part is that you contain costs by choosing only the coverage that meets your specific needs, including the option to insure just one item, such as an engagement ring or fine watch.

Another way that GemSafe keeps costs down is by providing a discount off your premium if you return to your jeweler once a year to have your jewelry examined. There is no cost for the examination, which can identify such problems as a loose setting. Your jeweler simply informs GemSafe of your visit and you get the additional discount!

If that sounds easy, it is. Everything about GemSafe is user friendly, including signing up. Just go to GemSafe.com, upload a photo of your jewelry and a photo of your receipt or appraisal, and complete the online application. If you ever need to file a claim, the process is just as simple.

Losing a piece of jewelry or a gem from a setting is bad enough. The last thing you want to feel like is…a loser. With GemSafe on your side you’ll come out a winner every time! For more information, call 888-558-6050 or visit www.GemSafe.com.