Protect Your Jewelry this Summer

Protect Your Jewelry this Summer - GemSafe® Jewelry Insurance Blog

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Cookouts, swimming pools, and summer getaways are all on your summer “bucket list” this year and you can’t wait to get started! But before you jump in the pool, slather on sunscreen or head to the beach this year, you’d be smart to purchase jewelry insurance. The truth is: summer time takes a serious toll on your jewelry. Elements like sun, salt, sand, and shifting temperatures can affect your beloved pieces and before you can even say the word “summer” your wedding ring can either be ruined or lost at sea.

This year, in honor of the countless rings resting on the ocean floor, bracelets ruined from gardening and gems fallen victim to a game of beach volleyball, SterlingRisk introduces GemSafe simple and affordable jewelry insurance. With GemSafe–lost, stolen or damaged jewelry is automatically covered and coverage begins at the moment of purchase. This summer you can have a peace of mind while splashing around that your jewelry is always protected, anywhere you are.

So, don’t sweat the small stuff this summer, even your smallest pieces of jewelry are protected with GemSafe.