Coverage that suits your lifestyle. A policy that gives you choices. Service that consistently gets high marks. And no surprises when it comes time to report a claim. GemSafe® offers coverage beyond your expectations.

Valuable Articles Coverage

How much is your jewelry worth? Chances are, your homeowner’s policy isn’t nearly enough to replace your valuables if they are ever lost, stolen or damaged. In addition, claims made against a homeowner’s policy lead to increased premiums or, if the insured has a few claims, can put the homeowner’s policy at risk for non-renewal or possible cancellation.

Owners of growing jewelry collections rely on our GemExtensive Coverage insurance. It is remarkably easy to obtain and provides features you won’t always find in typical policies.

Coverage That Protects You

GemExtensive Coverage protects your financial investment in jewelry.

Benefits of GemExtensive include:

  • Cash Settlement. Unlike other insurance companies, you are not required to replace itemized valuables in the event of a loss. You can choose a cash settlement, or replace your valuables at the dealer of your choice. The decision is yours.
  • Itemized coverage. This option allows you to determine the insured value of each of your possessions. In the event of a total covered loss of an item, you will receive 100% of the insured value. There is no deductible, no depreciation, and no surprises.
  • Breakage protection. Coverage for breakage or damage to fragile items is automatically included. This coverage is typically restricted or excluded in homeowner’s policies.
  • Coverage for “mysterious disappearance.” Many homeowner’s policies don’t cover valuable items that are lost or misplaced, especially when they disappear away from the home. Our valuable articles policy provides coverage in these situations.
  • Worldwide coverage. Your valuables are automatically covered wherever you take them — anywhere in the world.
  • Coverage for pairs and sets. If a portion of an itemized pair or set (such as earrings or a set of silver) is lost or damaged in a covered loss, you have the option to provide us with the remaining piece(s) and will receive the coverage amount for the entire set.