For Jewelers


Introducing a new insurance policy program for jewelers, based on appraisal or detailed bill of sale.

Repair and Replace Coverage

Our GemSafe coverage protects jewelry from the moment of purchase. With an appraisal or bill of sale, complete protection for jewelry is simple and affordable.

This program creates an additional touchpoint between you and your customers should they have a repair or replacement claim.

  • The consumer can be protected before they leave the store.
  • A jewelers' relationship with their customer is critically important to both the customer and the jeweler. Working with GemSafe® will encourage customers to return to their jeweler for annual checkups and reevaluations on or around the anniversary of the policy.
  • A jewelry policy will eliminate the risk of claims against a homeowner’s policy, and will enable protection for millions of jewelry purchasers that do not own a home, and thus do not have homeowner’s insurance.
  • A much-needed “touchpoint” for the jeweler to re-engage with their client annually promoting direct contact for promotions, and direct advertising for client specific types of sales.
  • This will benefit insureds in coastal states and areas of extreme weather where homeowner’s policies have become more restrictive.
  • Jewelry companies will have the ability to purchase policies for their customers and refer their customers to our offering. The sale becomes complete when the jeweler offers a method of protecting the jewelry after the sale. The act of insuring the jewelry provides continuity of continued relationship, for the customer, the jeweler, and GemSafe®.
  • As an additional benefit to the jeweler, we will be providing location-based advertising for jewelers who commit to the jewelry program. This means a consumer searching for a jeweler, jewelry, appraiser, or insurance, who visits our website, will see the jewelry store's promotional banner marketed specifically to a customer's area. (Coming Soon.)
  • We will also provide a specialized appraisal program for the jeweler. This program can be a simple download from our site. This appraisal program will provide a tool to the jeweler for producing rapid high quality appraisals.
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